Terra Mudurnu Hosted Its First Guests on BSST Platform!

As Terra Mudurnu, we hosted Damian Apunte and Melyssa Brown from California, USA on 6-9 May as part of the Black Sea Sustainable Tourism (BSST) program. The program included a District Tour (Arasta and the city centre, Abant and a dinner with live music), a hiking in nature and a visit to Babas Thermal Bath. These tours took place with the support of the people of Mudurnu for the revival of the local economy, which is in the vision of TM. Within the scope of the program, the hiking in nature was held with Muhterem Özsoy Çilata, an agricultural engineer from Mudurnu (collecting mumps and thyme, examining the endemic sahlep plant, extracting tar oil from juniper bark and a picnic in the Maymunclar Pond). Terra Mudurnu officially started its sustainable tourism activities after two full of fun and tiring days with Damian and Melyssa staying in Bökesoylar Mansion.