About Us

Terra Mudurnu Culture, Tourism and Real Estate Inc. was founded on July 1, 2021 by Dr. Ayşe Ege Yıldırım, who authored Mudurnu’s first cultural heritage site management plan (2014-18) and served as the town’s heritage site manager between 2015-20. The vision of company is to create a model of development for the ‘Historic Guild Town of Mudurnu’, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate and a Cittaslow (Slow City), which ensures a sustainable economy and quality of life, based on conservation of local culture and nature, to make Mudurnu a high-end tourism destination, and a community where young people would want to live.

In accordance with this vision, the main activity of the company is defined as protecting and restoring significant cultural assets in Mudurnu in urgent need of repair and operating them in an efficient manner to generate income and local socio-economic benefit. Some of these cultural assets are introduced in the Discover Mudurnu section.

Madanlar Mansion, whose restoration is completed and which is to start operation in summer 2022, will serve as the first branch office of Terra Mudurnu. The company will continue to work toward realizing its culture and ecotourism-based development goals, in line with the sustainable development movement.

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