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Mudurnu is a deep-rooted historic town located in the Western Black Sea region of Türkiye, in the province of Bolu, and on the historical Silk Road. An important centre of trade, crafts and culture in the early Ottoman period, Mudurnu presents remarkable examples of monumental and residential architecture and an impressive landscape, shaped with the cultural tradition of the Akhism (hyperlink: Ahilik Tradition and Craftsman Prayer).

The district center, located in a narrow and quiet valley, hosts many tangible and intangible cultural and natural assets, including rituals of Ottoman trade and craftsmanship, Sultan mosques, the bazaar where the 700-year-old Merchants’ Prayer continues, and the rich timber residential fabric. In 2015, Mudurnu earned the title of CittaSlow (Slow City) and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List as the ‘The Historic Guild Town of Mudurnu’. With its natural, historical and cultural beauties, Mudurnu is still a little-known gem, although it sits strategically between Istanbul and Ankara and very close to Abant Lake.

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Mudurnu in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List
Mudurnu Cultural Heritage Site Management Plan (2014-18)
Cittaslow (Slow City) Mudurnu
Landscape and Nature of Mudurnu
Mudurnu’s Monumental and Public Cultural Heritage
Mudurnu Mansions (Traditional Mudurnu Houses)
Mudurnu Mudurnu Intangible Cultural Heritage, Local Values and Production
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