Welcome to Madanlar Mansion

Phone: 0374 421 25 25
E-Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @konak.madanlar
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The mansion, nicknamed Madanlar, is located in a large garden in Hızırfakı Neighborhood. In the three-storey mansion, which fully reflects the local civil architectural characteristics of Mudurnu, there are wooden ceiling motifs unique to Mudurnu houses, divans in the bay window, sofa areas and rooms opening to the sofas. On the sofas, there are flowerpots, an interior design element unique to Mudurnu, and couchs, wooden cabinets and a hearth on the windowsills in the rooms.

  • Heating: We preferred more environmentally friendly methods alternative to coal: pellet boiler and room-based fancoil (convector with fan) system is used.
  • Internet: There is a password-free internet.
  • Parking place: There is about 3 parking spaces on the street outside the mansion.
  • Food and Beverage: Breakfast and beverage service is available. Breakfast is included in the room rate.
  • Garden:  1,000 m2, natural landscape, with walnut, apple, quince, hazelnut, cranberry and plum trees on the sides, agricultural area on the side (with lettuce, spinach, arugula, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, parsley, mint, oregano planted), grass in the middle, one pergola with a teak table set for 8.
  • Shed in the garden (multi-purpose hall): flexible organized meeting space for 20 people.
  • Breakfast room on the ground floor hall (‘sofa’), sitting areas (‘sedir’) in the middle and upper floor halls (‘sofa’)